4 Steps to Create a Unique and Powerful Brand Identity

4 Steps to Create a Unique and Powerful Brand Identity Studio Seventeen (close up of pens in pen pot)

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Four small steps for man, a giant leap for brandkind. At Studio Seventeen, we’re experienced in creating some unique brand identities, such as Talbott’s and Jackson-Crane Architecture. A brand is so much more than a logo. We’ve refined our formula to work with our clients when creating their brand identity, ensuring we understand their brand, their goals and their values. We’re sharing our tried and tested process for brand identity success for our clients.

Step 1 – Research and Strategy

Brand Discovery

The first step involves Studio Seventeen getting to know your business, your industry, your competition and your customers. This involves an initial meeting with you and/or your team, where we will discuss with you what your business is about, how people see you now and how you want them to see you moving forward. We will define what your goals are, who your competitors are, who your target audience is and any initial thoughts you may have. We may send a follow-up questionnaire with any specific questions relating to your project,

Brand Strategy

Once the discovery is complete, Studio Seventeen will develop a brand strategy unique to you. We’ll present what we feel are your brand values, brand personality and brand promise. This will inform us how the visual identity, tone of voice and any other assets will meet your objectives, your goals and your audience.

Step 2 – Initial Concepts

Once we’ve developed your brand strategy and you’ve approved this direction, Studio Seventeen will move into interpreting your brand in a more visual way. A standard package includes:

  • Logo design
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Photography style
  • Illustration style
  • Any additional deliverables specific to the brief

We will present three concepts for you to discuss.

Step 3 – Refining Concepts

Once one concept has been decided upon, this will be developed and refined, with up to two rounds of revisions. We encourage our clients to discuss with their team the direction they feel best represents their company. You’re also welcome to visit us here at Studio Seventeen, where we can discuss the concepts further if required.

The final concept will be signed off by this step.

Step 4 – Finalise and Deliver

A final concept will have been signed off by the client. The final branding deliverables will be produced.

A style guide will complement this, which will outline acceptable usage of your brand. A style guide is an invaluable handbook for how to properly implement your brand identity: where and how to use the logo, colours and fonts. More importantly, it outlines how NOT to use them, in order to consistently communicate your message.

If you are struggling with your brand’s identity, why not get in touch and see how Studio Seventeen can help you and your business.

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